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Moving Out

30 Days Notice Required

Current residents who are on a month to month lease and are planning to move must deliver 30 days full term written notice by the end of the month at least 30 days prior to the month you plan to move.    For example, if you plan to move out on May 31, we should have received your 30 days move out notice by April 30.  However, if you plan to move May 15, we should have received your 30 days notice by March 31 (in this event your May rent would be prorated).

Tenants who plan to move at the end of their lease must deliver 30 days notice the month prior to the expiration of your lease.

If you know it, you should include a forwarding address with your notice so that we will know where to send your security deposit transmittal.

You may email your move out notices to: vgmco@bellsouth.net or deliver them to our office.

Security Deposits

All security deposits will be processed within 30 days of your move out date.  The best way to ensure full refund of your deposit is to make sure that your account is in good standing (no outstanding late fees or past due rent) and to leave your apartment or house exactly how to found it.  All personal property should be removed and the property should be cleaned.  Normal wear and tear is expected.  No furniture, trash or other personal belongings should be left on the curb for pick up.  All items should be disposed of and off the property by the last day of tenancy.   Keys (including mailbox keys) should be labeled and delivered to our office upon move out.

If you are a tenant at Grosvenor Gardens, you should be sure to adhere to this GG Move out checklist.  All other tenants could benefit from viewing this list.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.